News and Publications

Date Subject
2024-04-15 Root Server System Operational Information
2022-08-02 Statement on adding ZONEMD to the root zone
2021-03-30 Statement on DNS Encryption
2019-08-14 Threat Mitigation For the Root Server System
2019-03-28 Operational Statement on the final step in the KSK Rollover
2019-03-14 Operational Statement on the Integrity of the Root Server System
2018-11-04 Operational Report on the Root DNSSSEC Key Signing Key Rollover
2017-09-19 Statistics About DNS Root Name Service
2017-08-10 B-Root's IPv4 address to be renumbered on 2017-10-24
2017-04-17 B-Root Begins Anycast in May
2016-12-02 Announcement of IPv6 addresses
2016-06-29 Root DNS events of 2016-06-25
2016-02-08 The 2015 Root Server Operators' Exercise on Emergency Response
2015-12-04 Events of 2015-11-30
2015-11-05 L-Root IPv6 Renumbering
2015-08-31 H-Root to be renumbered
2014-03-26 IPv6 service address for (2001:500:2::C)
2012-12-14 D-Root IPv4 Address to be Renumbered
2011-07-11 Analysis of Increased Query Load on Root Name Servers
2011-06-10 IPv6 service address for (2001:500:2D::D)
2010-07-15 DNSSEC trust anchor for root zone published
2010-06-17 AAAA of in the root zone
2010-05-05 starts to serve DURZ
2010-04-14 [bcfgh] start to serve DURZ
2010-03-24 [dke] start to serve DURZ
2010-03-17 Serving the signed ARPA zone
2010-03-03 [im] start to serve DURZ
2010-02-10 starts to serve DURZ
2010-01-27 starts to serve DURZ
2009-12-15 Root zone DNSSEC deployment web site launched
2008-01-30 6 AAAAs of [afhjkm] in the root zone effective in 2008-02-04
2008-01-22 New IPv6 service address for (2001:500:2f::f)
2007-11-01 New IP address for (
2004-01-29 New IP address for (