How many root operators are there?

Currently there are 12 root server operators, whose identies you can see at the top of www.root-servers.org home page.

How many root servers are there?

The number of root server instances changes (generally increases) over time. The current count of root server instances is shown just below the map on the home page. Different operators deploy a different number of instances. You can see the per-operator instances, including their locations, by clicking on the letters at the bottom of the home page.

How can I contact the root server operators?

You may contact individual operators by finding their published email addresses linked off the the home page. Find the Root Servers section and click on the individual letters. Then look on the right side of the page for a blue "Contact Email" or "Homepage" link. You may contact the root server operators collectively by writing to Ask RSSAC. More information about the Root Server System Advisory Committee can be found on its website.

Can I get a root server for my network?

If you believe that your area of the Internet is underserved with respect to root zone service, you may inquire with individual operators about locating an instance nearby. Root server instances are generally located at data centers and exchange points. Different operators will have different requirements for providing instances at remote locations. Below are some links to pages of operators that offer hosted instances:

Which root servers provide zone transfer service of the root zone?